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EvolveNow Media Team

Our passion for creating meaningful change for clients is what sets us apart. The team here at EvolveNow believes in the power of change and it truly shows in all of our work. Our team works tirelessly so you don’t have to. We are shaping the way people connect with the world and their target audience. Get a closer look and connect with the EvolveNow Media Family!

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Mallika Soni

Founder & CEO

A cloud of happiness and a bundle of adjectives. I know who I remind you of; Cam from Modern Family. My spirit animal is a mixture of Kareena Kapoor, Karan Johar, Ryan Reynolds and maybe even Barack Obama!

Shweta Sareen

Talent Acquisition Manager

Just like honey and tequila blended together makes a killer margarita; I'm a mix of adventure and strong opinions. I try to be what my mom said "be different but be humble, be stiff but versatile".

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Sonakshi Jain

Social Media Manager

Sonakshi likes to label herself as – an asker of odd questions. With a Journalism degree to her name, she is a quirky mix of being a writer, digital marketer and a mountaineer. When not gloating about herself in the third person, you can find her channelling her inner Chris McCandless – hunting yet another reason to move to the great outdoors.

Veronica D'Souza

Content Curator

Destiny in those wild eyes.
Grateful for where I'm at, excited about where I'm going. The road to my life is paved with Art, Pets, Singing and Food.
Creating my life exactly as I want is my personality.


Diva Mehta

Social Media Strategist

Persistent, methodical and tenacious, nothing is impossible for me with a cup of coffee by my side. I try my best at everything and if something doesn't go right, I always remain positive. Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat every social media platform, you name it, is my heartbeat.

Sanjeevani Upadhyay

Influencer Manager

A firm believer in using the right amount of concealer when it comes to my work and makeup. Quick wit but evenly clumsy, helpful and friendly. On a regular day you’ll find me goofing around, dancing with my big party goggles.

Aur, Main apni favourite hoon ;)

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Jeevika Makhija

Social Media Strategist

I so want to say that Fallon Carrington is my spirit animal while I behave like Boyle in every situation. Always up for trying new Pan Asian restaurants in town. Just a heads up, I’m always late but definitely worth the wait.

Ritika Singh

Social Media Analyst

A strong Leo with a gigantic drive for beaches and beautiful long roads. Wouldn’t call myself an introvert but I enjoy socializing and staying home at the time. Multitasker is my second name, I believe if you have a focused mind you can do each and everything you give your heart to. Waves and sunsets make me happy. Also, yeah please be kind to humans and animals

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Sneha Nair

Graphic Designer

Be it shows, music or work you will never fall short of options to choose from. As an ENFP I know what you like and will be looking forward to your approval. I have different playlists for every possible occasion. If you like KPOP we are friends, no questions asked.

Swatisma Nayak

Graphic Designer

As a person, I believe in magic named Art and I am raising myself to make a difference. Be it my inner voice or my mind games, they all are my companion to find and create art.

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Apurva Dutta

Content Writer

Hi! This is Apurva. I am an all-time scribbler with an ardent knack for country music, Victorian poetry, and David Fincher movies. I am a proud Bisexual who always falls for gay men and straight women! 
Words coddle me, and I find animals a lot more calming than humans!

Anshul Keswani

Filmmaker & Editor

Hey, I am Anshul Keswani. I would love to introduce myself as Jake Peralta because he is totally my spirit animal, at least according to me. I would love to say I'm driven, happy going and creative, but I'd rather let my work talk and my beam speak. When I'm not capturing via my lens, I exhibit interest in crypto and later crib about the market crash.

Anshul Keswani EvolveNow Media Video Tea
Josan Biswas EvolveNow Media Video Team.

Josan Biswas

Video Editor

A guy with creativity on his head and a camera in his hand. If someday you can't find me, you'll find me chilling in the Himalayas.