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Our passion for creating meaningful change for clients is what sets us apart. The team here at EvolveNow believes in the power of change and it truly shows in all of our work. Our team works tirelessly so you don’t have to. We are shaping the way people connect with the world and their target audience. Get a closer look and connect with the EvolveNow Media Family!

Mallika Soni Founder EvolveNow Media ENM Evolve Now Media.JPG


Founder & CEO

A cloud of happiness and a bundle of adjectives. 

My dream to blur the lines between the digital PR and digital media sphere; in terms of online visibility and social media has led to the birth of EvolveNow Media. 

I aim to be someone who has created a platform that articulates the coalition of talented and inspiring individuals with tools to help them make a more significant impact.

We've been building EvolveNow Media block by block since 2019. This is just the start, and we have a long way to go!


Associate Manager

Destiny in those wild eyes.
Grateful for where I'm at, excited about where I'm going. The road to my life is paved with Art, Pets, Singing and Food.
Creating my life exactly as I want is my personality.

Veronica Dsouza EvolveNow Media ENM.jpeg


Social Media Senior Executive

I am full of art, words of wisdom and love. The line which suits me best is “Maturity and talent does not proceed with age; it's something that you will learn with experience regardless of age”


Senior Content Writer

True reverie with a thirst for knowledge and unusual experiences. My secret identity is creativity. I'm most in love with chocolates.  I think that speaking is just the beginning. "We don't remember days, we remember moments," is why I cherish making memories.

Khushboo Dhiman EvolveNow Media.jpg
Deeksha Pujari EvolveNow Media ENM Evolve Now Media.jpg


Social Media Executive

Oh hey, I'm Deeksha who loves dogs more than humans, baking and cooking are my fortes. I am this emotional, very loyal, sort of believe-in-values-and-principals sort of girl. Forever humble because what God gives, he can also take. Love Love Love dancing and stargazing!


Social Media Executive

I’m not great with advice, can I interest you with a sarcastic comment?

Ananya Subramanium EvolveNow Media Team.jpeg
Dipika Lalwani ENM EvolveNow Media Team Evolve Team.jpeg


Content & Copy Writer

"Until the lion learns to write, every story will glorify the hunter."

With this in mind, I began to write, knowing the power that words have. As a writer, I write about what most people don't say; I write about that silence. I wake up each day - positive and ready to learn, as I'm unstoppable and refuse to quit.


Social Media Strategist

I did my bachelor's from Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath, Bangalore.
I have always been a creative person. I love to create and experiment with new art forms and love to express my feelings through art. 

Currently, I'm loving my work at ENM and learning new things out here. It will be a great experience here, I'm sure.

Ria Jain EvolveNow Media ENM.jpg
Mansi Pandey EvolveNow Media ENM.jpeg


Social Media Executive

Food and music are my true love. When I'm not working I spend my time cooking and binge-watching series. Also if you hear super off-tune singing with absolutely wrong lyrics, it's probably 100% me


Social Media Strategist

I feel alive with a deep sense of inspiration, knowledge, and happiness, and I want to spread those feelings through me worldwide! I read books to keep my bond with myself stronger.

WhatsApp Image 2023-04-03 at 5.31.17 PM - Simran Batra.jpeg
Anushka Patkar EvolveNow Media ENM Evolve Now Team.JPG


Social Media Executive

Hello, I am Anushka Patkar, a Media Student with skills in photography, graphic designing and content creation.

I am a happy, cherished, extra extrovert person who loves to become friends with everyone. Basically, I'm a social media kid with good writing skills.


Social Media Executive

I love to listen to people's stories and experiences; what makes their life beautiful. I believe in seeing myself grow a little every day.

Khushboo Karmachandani | EvolveNow Media Team.jpeg
Sasha Fredrick ENM EvolveNow Media.jpeg


HR Manager

Hey, I'm Sasha Frederick, a growing HR Professional, currently managing the HR operations at EvolveNow Media.

I strive to constantly motivate employees & foster healthy workplace relations, concurrently achieving great results for the org!

In addition to enjoying my job & interacting with different people, I never forget to make time for music which is my passion and my favourite go-to stress buster, my Guitar!


Filmmaker & Editor

Hey, I am Anshul Keswani. I would love to introduce myself as Jake Peralta because he is totally my spirit animal, at least according to me. I would love to say I'm driven, happy going and creative, but I'd rather let my work talk and my beam speak. When I'm not capturing via my lens, I exhibit interest in crypto and later crib about the market crash.

Anshul Keswani EvolveNow Media Video Tea
Mukesh Purohit EvolveNow Media ENM.jpg


Accounts Manager

A flair for the numbers

The EvolveNow Team: Meet the Team
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